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Having completed her bacholers in History, Madhavi went on to study at JJ school of Arts, Mumbai and worked at art galleries. Her art career started with her first commission for Fateh Collection, a range of boutique hotels in Rajasthan. Post which followed many commissions for hotels and residences in India. 


The paintings are primarily animals in minimalistic order. Madhavi’s style of painting is contemporary and abstract, taking inspiration from nature and forms. She has also experimented with Vintage car paintings and miniatures of Indian gods. 


Famous photographs that beautifully capture the majestic animal have been inspiration for the artwork. Most paintings are animals with a negative space so as to not constrain the painting to the canvas. The animals are also painted with very expressive eyes in order to engage the audience and connect to a viewer through the expression as eyes are the truest mirror of the self. 


Greatly influenced and inspired by David Shepherd, an English Artist, it reflects in a lot of the work. Sir David Shepherd largely painted animals and was one of the most outspoken conservationists. There is a fund under his name that organises a famous exhibition, Wildlife Artist of the Year, for which her work has been consecutively selected . 

Wildlife Artist of the Year is an internationally renowned art competition and exhibition often referred to as the ‘Oscars of international wildlife art.’ Each year, the competition welcomes entries from hundreds of talented artists worldwide, in a celebration of outstanding wildlife art. The annual art exhibition is held in London, UK.


 Madhavi's 2020 entry, Paradise flycatcher is a painting of a native bird commonly found in Rajasthan. Paradise flycatcher was an entry under the wings category that won Peoples' Choice award. 

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